Jonah Edelman on outfoxing teachers' unions: Transcribed remarks

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UPDATE: We just received a transcript of the whole session here. Recently we posted  the observations of Susan Barrett, a disaffected parent member of Stand for Children, which started as a grassroots organization in Oregon that has now gone nationwide; and, as Susan argued, changed its goals, governance and tactics along the way. Jonah Edelman,  its founder and the son of children’s advocate Marian Wright Edelman,  has raised millions of dollars in funds from the Gates and Walton Foundations, as …

Stand for Children: A Hometown Perspective of its Evolution

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by Susan Barrett   I recently stepped down as a volunteer co-leader of a Stand for Children (SFC) team in Portland Oregon, the headquarters of this organization.  Being a SFC member has meant fighting for the needs of children and better public schools for all students in this state (see this pdf.) However, things have started changing here in Oregon, and I worry that SFC is headed down the path that disaffected parents, like me, identify as the corporate reform movement. I was …

Save Our Schools Calendar of Events

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Parents Across America is co-sponsoring and participating in the SOS conference and workshops at American University,  the rally,  and march  to the White House from July 28-July 30 in DC.  We are also co-hosting a reception with the SOS march organizers the evening of July 29. Please join us!  See discounts for travel and hotel below. We are also going to be visiting Senate and House offices on July 28; if you’d like to join us, email Registration: There …

Chicago parking meters funding charter school

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I’ve hated those &#@% Chicago parking meters ever since Mayor Daley privatized them and I got a $50 ticket on Mothers’ Day 2010. It was right after the new system was installed across the street from my church (no signs up – and the hours for the meter were changed over the weekend). So, now I read that Chicago Parking Meters –the company that Mayor Daley sold us out to — recently gave a $10,000 gift to a charter high …

PAA opposes House charter school bill

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Today Parents Across America (PAA) released a position paper opposing HR 2218, the so-called “Empowering Parents through Quality Charter Schools Act.”

Why Parents Across America oppose the charter school bill, HR 2218

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H.R. 2218 (bill summary) passed the House Education and Workforce Committee on June 22 by a vote of 34-5.  The five Democrats who voted against the bill are:  Reps. John Tierney (MA), Dennis Kucinich (OH),  Dave Loebsack (IA), Raul Grijalva (AZ), and Tim Bishop (NY). The bill is likely to be brought to the House floor before the August recess,  scheduled to begin August 8.  Parents, please send a similar message to your  Representatives, by calling or emailing their offices …

13 things the NEA hates about Arne Duncan

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According to Education Week, this resolution was  approved with a few minor changes by the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly today; cross posted as item C here. The NEA Representative Assembly directs the NEA President to communicate aggressively, forcefully, and immediately to President Barack Obama and US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan that NEA is appalled with Secretary Duncan’s practice of: Weighing in on local hiring decisions of school and school district personnel. Supporting local decisions to fire all school …

A "Bad Air Day" for Alter

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Every so often I step back to see what staunch proponents of “corporate reform” are saying now. Maybe there’s new evidence? Maybe I’ve missed some critical research validating the privatization of public education or some new study on merit pay that supersedes a multitude of others stating that merit pay doesn’t work. Perhaps a political pundit can enlighten me on what’s best for public education? A corporate reformer would get an earful from the vast untapped resource of involved parents …

Save Our Schools NJ: reform our broken charter school law now!

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From SOS New Jersey, an affiliate of Parents Across America, working to reform their state’s charter school laws.  These principles should be followed in any state. Reform New Jersey’s Broken Charter School Law Save Our Schools NJ is working with lawmakers to reform three significant problems with the existing charter school law Local communities have no control over the opening of new charter schools in their districts, even though the communities must pay to run those charter schools and the …

Take action! Listen to Diane

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For Public Schools Action Tuesday (PSAT) today, please read and follow the directions included in this article which was posted on over the weekend: A Letter to My Friends and Readers any people have asked what they can do to try to change the conditions and misguided policies that I describe in my book. Wherever I go, the same question comes up: What can we do? How do we stop these bad policies and programs? Whether they are parents, …