The violent legacy of Chicago’s mass school closingsPAA challenges negative effects of EdTechJOIN US! Here’s how to start a PAA chapter!Every parent and community member should see the Killing Ed filmParents challenge PARCC/SBAC test secrecyNPE 2016 conference report
The violent legacy of Chicago’s mass school closings
PAA challenges negative effects of EdTech
JOIN US! Here’s how to start a PAA chapter!
Every parent and community member should see the Killing Ed film
Parents challenge PARCC/SBAC test secrecy
NPE 2016 conference report

Whose Children have been left behind? by Diane Ravitch

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for the NATIONAL OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN SUMMIT December 9, 2011 My theme for today: Whose children have been left behind? Let me tell you a little bit about myself. For many years, I was a strong advocate of testing, accountability, and choice. I worked in three conservative think tanks where these ideas were held sacred. In 1998, I went to Albany, New York, to testify on behalf of charter legislation. At the time I was connected to the conservative Manhattan …

PSAT for 12-6-11: Principals, Unite!

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Last night we watched a charming movie, “Amreeka,” about a Palestinian mom and her son who emigrate to Illinois the same week the US invaded Iraq. Not surprisingly, they encounter some challenges. Somewhat surprisingly, one of the film’s heroes is the mild-mannered principal of the local high school. School principals are popularly portrayed as creeps, crooks, or idiots (anyone besides me remember Osgood Conklyn in Our Miss Brooks? OK, how about Glee’s Principal Figgins?). My own experience of principals in …

The Parent Trigger fails in California

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By Caroline Grannan, San Francisco Parents Across America founding member The Parent Trigger is a school reform idea that was hatched here in California, has won glowing press and is still being discussed around the nation as a school reform panacea. The Parent Trigger supposedly allows 51% of the parents at a school to petition for “transformation” at the school, in one of four ways: turn the school into a charter, close the school, fire the principal, or restructure in …

On charter schools and "choice"

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Why we got involved

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Founding members of PAA share why they got involved.

Why Do We Need PAA?

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PAA Founding Members on why we need a national organization to put the parent voice back into public education.

Good news in Seattle: corporate education reform tide is pushed back!

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The following update is by Sue Peters, a founding member of Parents Across America and Parents Across America -Seattle, where over the course of the past year, grassroots organizing, community members and stakeholders  have beaten down the forces of corporate reform several times, including in the latest school board elections. Amazingly, the State of Washington still does not allow charter schools, in the backyard of that privatization juggernaut, the Gates Foundation.  This year, Seattle has also forced the resignation of …

PSAT for 11-22-11: Give thanks for teachers

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Today’s Public Schools Action Tuesday (PSAT) action is an easy one since everyone’s busy cooking and cleaning (and working) this week! To start Thanksgiving a little early, please give thanks for teachers. The Use Your Teacher Voice web site is a good place to start. You’ll hear from a variety of teachers like David, from Social Justice High School, who explains the link between poverty and student learning difficulties. I am so grateful to the teachers in my own family. …

Victory in Wake Co. school board elections & defeat for Tea Party!

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Below see the account of last night’s victory by Patty Williams of Great Schools in Wake Co. NC, an affiliate of Parents Across America.  Conservative forces had taken control of the school board with the help of a group called Americans for Prosperity, which is funded in part by the Koch brothers; the conservative majority had tried to eliminate the district’s integration policy.  For more on this, see Colbert Report video below. This is a long story, with a happy …

PAA letter to Senate HELP Committee: ESEA needs parent input!

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Today, Parents Across America sent a letter to the members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee after noting that panelists testifying this morning at a committee hearing on reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education law included no parent representatives. PAA has reached out to the HELP committee repeatedly with our concern that parent voices are being left out of this critical discussion of the federal laws which will impact our children’s education for years to come. …