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Join our next Race, Poverty and Education book club featuring Jesse Hagopian
Stop the Ed Tech Juggernaut: Upcoming PAA Webinar
The violent legacy of Chicago’s mass school closings
PAA challenges negative effects of EdTech
JOIN US! Here’s how to start a PAA chapter!
Every parent and community member should see the Killing Ed film
NPE 2016 conference report

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Dear Friends, It’s nearly impossible for parents to ignore what’s being done to our public schools these days. It’s become even harder for parents to have a say about decisions that affect our children’s lives on a daily basis. In fact, politicians and those running our school systems often seem to think that the only voices that matter in education are those that come with big dollar signs! Fortunately, Parents Across America was formed nearly a year ago to give parents …

Florida parents win round #1 in court vs. budget cuts to schools

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Each and every year here in Florida, parents spend our hard-earned money building public education for our children.  We pay our property taxes to fund our schools only to see billions cut from education budgets.   Wanting the best for our children, we send in hundreds of millions of dollars in crayons and paper.  We sell enough wrapping paper to cover the earth three times.  We use that money to pay for direct classroom needs like books, smart-boards and computers.  This …

How Occupy Wall Street is Also an Education Justice Movement

Posted on by leoniehaimson

By Jason Langberg and Lewis Pitts The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has taken the country by storm. Tens of thousands of Americans are taking to the streets to protest corporate greed and government corruption. The People are sick and tired of capitalism destroying what’s left (after Citizens United) of our environment, our social safety nets, and our democracy. Indeed, there’s no corner of our country uncorrupted by the visible hands of moneyed elites and their puppets in government. Public …

Ignoring the hard-won progress of English learners

Posted on by andreamerida

The ballyhoo over a new school grading website piqued my interest, so I surfed over to to check it out.  After all, the power partners that have coalesced around the website’s development and launch know how to make a splash.  And why wouldn’t I be interested in the fact that they’ve taken the pains to offer information in Spanish? After just a few searches for some of the schools in my southwest Denver subdistrict, however, I see that this …

School closing protesters take over Chicago board meeting

Posted on by pureparents

By Julie Woestehoff, PAA-Chicago TIME Magazine just named “The Protester” their “Person of the Year,” saying, “In 2011, protesters didn’t just voice complaints; they changed the world.” Today in Chicago, parents and teachers are demonstrating just how that happens. After camping out overnight in frigid rain in front of the Chicago Public Schools central office, people furious about the district’s years of failed, top-down school interventions took over the Board of Education meeting. driving school board members from the room …

Whose Children have been left behind? by Diane Ravitch

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for the NATIONAL OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN SUMMIT December 9, 2011 My theme for today: Whose children have been left behind? Let me tell you a little bit about myself. For many years, I was a strong advocate of testing, accountability, and choice. I worked in three conservative think tanks where these ideas were held sacred. In 1998, I went to Albany, New York, to testify on behalf of charter legislation. At the time I was connected to the conservative Manhattan …

PSAT for 12-6-11: Principals, Unite!

Posted on by pureparents

Last night we watched a charming movie, “Amreeka,” about a Palestinian mom and her son who emigrate to Illinois the same week the US invaded Iraq. Not surprisingly, they encounter some challenges. Somewhat surprisingly, one of the film’s heroes is the mild-mannered principal of the local high school. School principals are popularly portrayed as creeps, crooks, or idiots (anyone besides me remember Osgood Conklyn in Our Miss Brooks? OK, how about Glee’s Principal Figgins?). My own experience of principals in …

The Parent Trigger fails in California

Posted on by CarolineSF

By Caroline Grannan, San Francisco Parents Across America founding member The Parent Trigger is a school reform idea that was hatched here in California, has won glowing press and is still being discussed around the nation as a school reform panacea. The Parent Trigger supposedly allows 51% of the parents at a school to petition for “transformation” at the school, in one of four ways: turn the school into a charter, close the school, fire the principal, or restructure in …

On charter schools and "choice"

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Why we got involved

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Founding members of PAA share why they got involved.