Register for the PAA 2016 Leadership Conference in Philadephia!Every parent and community member should see the Killing Ed filmParents challenge PARCC/SBAC test secrecyNPE 2016 conference report
Register for the PAA 2016 Leadership Conference in Philadephia!
Every parent and community member should see the Killing Ed film
Parents challenge PARCC/SBAC test secrecy
NPE 2016 conference report

Rita Solnet: an open letter to Michelle Rhee and Students First

Posted on by leoniehaimson

This letter was written by Rita M. Solnet, one of the founders of Parents Across America, in response to a letter from Students First, asking her to support the so-called “Parent Empowerment Act,” a form of the Parent Trigger, which is really a stealth attack by charter industry to privatize our public schools.  See the PAA position paper on the Parent Trigger, here and here for the overwhelming rejection of this proposal by Florida parent groups. To:  Jeri Powell,  Students …

Wendy Lecker: CT should slow down on NCLB waiver

Posted on by leoniehaimson

See also NYC Parents for more on these damaging waivers; find out if your state is applying and if so, how you can provide comment. This column is cross posted from the Stamford Advocate. Last March, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan addressed Congress about the flaws in the No Child Left Behind Law. He called NCLB “fundamentally broken,” and said its “one-size-fits-all solutions” usurped the ability of local and state officials to tailor policies to individual schools or students. Moreover, …

Parents should enter the debate over "School Choice Week"

Posted on by leoniehaimson

by Karran Harper Royal, Parents Across America- New Orleans This week is being promoted as “School Choice Week” by the supporters of charter school expansion.  They have chosen a video interview with a New Orleans parent to promote school choice, but instead it shows how charters are making children the victims of school choice, not its beneficiaries. In the video, the New Orleans parent admits: She was FORCED to access a charter school because there were no other parish schools available. She will be FORCED to further …

More deception by fake "reformers" in latest Parent Trigger move

Posted on by CarolineSF

By Caroline Grannan Parents Across America founding member, San Francisco The so-called Parent Trigger continues to be peddled nationwide as a cure for challenged schools, despite a track record of zero successes and a history of misrepresentation by its backers. The Parent Trigger is a process that allows parents who collect enough signatures on petitions to close their school or “force change,” including turning the school over to a charter operator. In the latest Parent Trigger twist, parents at Desert …

NOLA charter schools: favoritism with community & parents shut out

Posted on by leoniehaimson

Karran Harper Royal, long time parent advocate and one of the founding members of Parents Across America – New Orleans, reports from the front lines of school privatization, where already 75 percent of the public schools have been converted to charters, and possibly all the remaining public schools run by the Recovery School District will be charters within two years: I’ve been in so many meetings day and night with various community groups fighting off Recovery School District Superintendent John …

Message from Connecticut: do not expect real funding reform

Posted on by leoniehaimson

The pro-charter organization Conn-Can is expanding nationwide as 50-CAN, including into NY State where it is pushing the Parent Trigger. Wendy Lecker is a public school parent, former president of the Stamford Parent Teacher Council, and was staff attorney at the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, plaintiffs in a school funding lawsuit in New York. She writes below about need for real funding reform and the countervailing influence of Conn-CAN.  This column is cross posted at the Stamford Advocate. On January 5, …

Parents Across America gives a thumb down to the Parent Trigger in NY

Posted on by leoniehaimson

For immediate release: January 11, 2012 Leonie Haimson, Class Size Matters,, 917-435-9329 Caroline Grannan, Parents Across America,, 415-412-5758 Today, a pro-charter school organization launched in New York called NY-CAN, and announced they will be advocating for a version of the so-called “Parent Trigger” legislation to be passed in New York State.  The organization is headed by Christina Grant, former deputy director of NYC Department of Education’s Office of Charter Schools. The Parent Trigger law was first passed in …

Parents – watch out for parent trigger proposals in your state

Posted on by pureparents

PAA member Caroline Grannan recently posted this update on the parent trigger, explaining that, despite well-funded propaganda, there are no successful parent trigger programs. The Parent Revolution, which pushed the California  parent trigger law, has apparently abandoned the strategy. Yet parent trigger proposals are popping up all over the country, including Florida. Details in this PAA press release: For immediate release:                   January 10, 2012 Why Parents Across America Opposes Florida’s Parent Empowerment Legislation: …

ESEA begins another year's journey

Posted on by pureparents

Experts are predicting (also here) that the No Child Left Behind Act will not be revised in 2012. Meanwhile, Republican House education committee leaders are planning to change strategy and write a more comprehensive ESEA bill, dropping their efforts to come to agreement with Democrats on a set of issue-specific pieces and preparing a larger bill like the one passed out of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee last October. The House committee has already passed individual bills …

Fighting back against mandatory school testing: It’s my way or the highway, says No Child Left Behind—but is it really?

Posted on by leoniehaimson

Aaryn is a parent in San Diego.  This piece is cross posted at Aaryn’s blog, Thematically Fickle.  An opt out letter that California parents can use is posted here. by Aaryn Belfer The red pillow takes the least space. The yellow pillow takes more space than the blue pillow. Which of the following is not true: The red pillow takes more space than the blue pillow. The yellow pillow takes more space than the red pillow. The blue pillow takes …