PAA’s Parent Online Toolkit for the WBD* movie and beyond

Parents Across America is a network of active parents doing the hard work of change in our public schools. We know that our schools need help. Knowing what to do is the problem. Knowing what works in improving schools is even more important.

We know that most parents don’t want to close their schools or turn them into charters. They want to improve their local neighborhood public schools by stopping budget cuts, reducing class size, de-emphasizing high stakes testing, offering a well-rounded education and strengthening parent participation.

PAA has put together a Parent Toolkit to give you some background information on the fictional “Won’t Back Down”* movie and some suggestions on how to get organized and help your children and their schools succeed.

1- Learn the facts about the “Won’t Back Down” movie

Want to know more about “Won’t Back Down” and the parent trigger laws that inspired it? Read these PAA materials:

2- Demand a stronger voice in school decision making

In some cities, there are school based councils made up of parents and teachers that drive important decisions at the school level. In Chicago they are called Local School Councils (LSCs). Research shows that struggling Chicago schools have made much better progress under LSC leadership than with district intervention.

Here’s more about how this strategy works: Parents Across America on the Empowerment Parents Want: The LSC model for School Reform – A Real, Effective Voice in our Children’s Education

3 – Join with other parents!

You are not alone! Visit our web site, www.parentsacrossamerica, to learn more about our national network. Sign up for PAA’s weekly newsletter here to help you stay informed.

Consider setting up a PAA chapter in your area. We will help you reach out to other parents and support your local actions with fact sheets, position papers, media help, etc. Here’s how.

Make sure parents’ voices are heard – join the discussion on NBC’s Education Nation Facebook page.

4- Know what works –and what doesn’t work – in improving schools!

Read PAA’s statement on “What Works and What Doesn’t Work.”

Read and share our fact sheets on effective school improvement strategies:

Questions? E-mail us at

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