PAA to Congress Ed Leaders: stop harmful ESSA regulations

PAA sent the following message to US House and Senate education committee members:

Parents concerned that proposed new ESSA regulations push failed NCLB practices, try to retake top-down control

The US Department of Education has published draft regulations for implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA. Parents Across America has reviewed these draft rules and we are very concerned that the administration is trying to use them to reestablish policies and practices from NCLB?ESEA that were rejected by Congress and much of the general public.

For example, the draft regulations:

  • over-emphasize standardized test scores in school accountability ratings,

  • require states to label schools in harmful and unnecessary ways,

  • continue to promote school privatization and closure over more effective improvement strategies, and

  • require states to punish schools where large numbers of parents opt their children out of testing.

When the USDOE makes decisions that should be set at the state and local level in partnership with local educators, parents, and students, it takes away local voices that ESSA properly restored. Reducing federal micro-management of public education was a main goal of rewriting NCLB. We will submit comments reflecting this concern via the federal register.

What can you do?

Stand with us parents, along with educators, students and communities who want our schools back. Speak out against those aspects of the draft regulations that violate the intent of the ESSA reauthorization. Help us assure that ESSA is implemented in ways that:

  • focus less on standardized testing,

  • put no restrictions on families or students who opt out of or refuse high stakes standardized tests, and require no consequences for their schools or districts,

  • encourage more creativity and community-centered school improvement practices rather than continue to push NCLB/ESEA’s ineffective privatization and closure strategies, and

  • more strongly advocate for a robust parent role in school, district, and statewide education policy-making.

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