PAA AustinTX leader helps expose Parent Revolution fingerprints

Lorie Barzano reports on an incident at the Texas House of Representatives:

Ready for a good laugh folks? We don’t often get chances to laugh like this in our struggle…So yesterday I headed to the Capitol to testify against a “Trigger” bill in a House hearing. The bill is sponsored in the TX House by Representative Naomi Gonzalez.

During my testimony, I made several good points about sham of trigger laws and the well-funded corporate-backed groups (like Parent Revolution) pushing such laws. I also made note of the fact that one month ago, I testified at a Senate hearing on the companion trigger bill in the Senate. I noted that at the Senate hearing, Doreen Diaz-an employee of Parent Revolution-testified, introducing herself as “simply” a concerned mother who lead the effort to pull the trigger at  her daughter’s failing public school, Desert Hills Elementary in Adelanto, CA. Never mentioning that she was an employee of Parent Revolution. I noted this to PAA group when it happened. In fact, in follow-up questions of Diaz at the Senate hearing, she insisted that they were just parents leading the charge against failing public schools and no one helped them pull the trigger on Desert Hills Elementary.

So after I testified yesterday, Representative Gonzalez called a woman up to the podium to question in retort. She called up none other than Doreen Diaz, who again introduced herself as the parent who lead the effort to pull the trigger on Desert Hills Elementary in Adelanto, CA. And then, get this, Rep. Gonzalez asks her point blank, “Do you work for Parent Revolution?”

Diaz hesitates and then responds, “Yes.”

The room broke into mayhem. Half the Representatives on stage went pie-eyed. The other half covered their eyes and slumped in their seats. Representative Gonzalez fumbled for follow-up questions (to try and save her point that parents, not Parent Revolution, pushed the trigger law), but it did not matter. No one heard another word she said. They were too busy gasping, chuckling and chattering amongst themselves. I don’t know if this will kill the bill, but it sure undercut its legitimacy and added some welcomed levity to an otherwise long afternoon and evening at a tedious House hearing.

I have to admit, I laughed the whole way home late last night.

Testifying for the length of a day in House of Reps: 8 lost hours of my life. To hear a Rep ask the question that only proves your point: priceless!

I hope you get a good laugh out of it too.

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