Our new affiliate: Parents Across America -Spokane WA

Spokane owes a great deal of thanks to Parents Across America and all the people who have worked so hard to save our public schools. It has been difficult to see the attacks on public education in this country, but it has also been inspiring to watch committed parent activists fight the good battle against corporate school reformers.

We can’t wait to see this “Sleeping Giant” take off and we hope the Spokane chapter can be a part of that!

Since there are no charter schools in Washington, Spokane is just now slowly waking up to the fact that there is an intentional take-over of our schools. Wisconsin has helped to make this more apparent. Parents and teachers are tired of standardized testing, racing to nowhere and having the joy and creativity stolen from our schools. I’m personally sick of the Billionaire Boys club of Bill Gates, Eli Broad and the other privatizers who want to control education policy in this country.

How fast will PAA spread in Spokane? I’m not sure; let’s find out!

Linda Gower, Parents Across Spokane, gowerlin@hotmail.com

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One Response to Our new affiliate: Parents Across America -Spokane WA

  1. Rod Roduner

    I am very impressed with the hard work you have done. Sign me up, I want to help. “I may have lost the battle but I haven’t given up the fight”. Every teacher I have spoken to has expressed that their main desire for teaching was for the children. I am currently working as a volunteer CASA for Spokane Juvenile court. My wife is a teacher for 18 years most of our friends are educators. I am happy to see an organization that has common sense trying to make a difference. Let me know what I can do to help.
    Thank you – Rod Roduner