Now where do we go from here? Parent Power’s plan to reunite African American families and public education

On June 21, the Indianapolis Public School (IPS) selected Teach for America alum and interim superintendent Alessia Johnson to be the district’s leader. She was preceded by Dr. Lewis Ferebee, a Broad Academy fellow who helped close and/or privatize Indy’s public schools and sell off the assets of IPS to the businesses, community, who is now the superintendent of D.C. schools. Parent Power predicts under the Johnson regime, IPS will mimic New Orleans and become a business-model privatized school district (IPS Inc.) using a portfolio model where IPS will not be a school system, but a system of schools.
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The response of Parent Power, Indy’s Parents Across America affiliate, is to spend less time continuing our critique of Supt. Johnson and more time actualizing what we are for: winning back the hearts and minds of families who were mis-attracted to the charter movement.
Here’s Parent Power’s response to the election of Alessia Johnson now where do we go from here? Parent Power’s plan to reunite Black families and public education

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