That merry month of May….

…when the flowers bloom, the workers march, and the president tries to make everyone happy by proclaiming this week both National Teacher Appreciation Week and National Charter School Week.

A Parents Across America appreciation of teachers comes in two forms. The first is below, the second is in the next blog post.

PAA Teacher Appreciation Week Contribution #1 (a well-deserved slap at charter schools…): A reminder of a recent charter school scandal uncovered in March by the Chicago Sun-Times, which simply confirms what most of us knew all along: that many of the rallies and other demonstrations of parental “support” for charter schools are bought and paid for by charter school companies.

The most recent proof comes from that Sun-Times report which found that the corrupt UNO charter chain used more than $11,600 of taxpayer money to pay for 42 buses that brought parents of UNO students to a September 2011 rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago for increased public funding of charter schools. The group also bused parents to demonstrate at City Hall, the Chicago Board of Education and the (Illinois State) Thompson Center.

The 2012 newspaper clipping below shows more proof: a group of Noble charter school students swelling the numbers at an UNO-sponsored rally called to oppose using charter funding to pay for a new teachers’ contract. Right. They needed that money for more rallies like this one!!! And for UNO’s president to buy a private plane! And to provide “staff training” at Disney World!

Of course, had these been neighborhood school students protesting at a Board of Education meeting, BOE members would certainly have labeled them truants.



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