Become a PAA chapter or affiliate!

Parents Across America Chapter/Affiliate Application Form

If you share PAA’s overall goals of progressive, positive education reform and a strong parent voice in education decision making, please consider becoming a part of our leadership network. The more of us there are, the stronger our voices will be at every level!

Benefits of chapter or affiliate status include:

  • Support and advice on building your organization.
  • Help promoting your local events and reaching out to recruit potential members in your area.
  • Space on our blog to share your viewpoint and experience.
  • Alerts about key legislative and other campaigns.
  • Policy and research resources.
  • Collaborative leadership with a fast-growing network of parent activists.
  • An opportunity to have a positive impact on public education in your community and across the U.S.

What’s the difference between a chapter and an affiliate?

A PAA chapter is a new organization you start to promote the mission and goals of PAA in your area. Chapters are usually named “PAA-“city” or PAA “state” (i.e. PAA-NewOrleans, PAA-Seattle).

PAA chapters cannot endorse candidates for elective office. You can do so as an individual, as long as you emphasize that you are not speaking on behalf of PAA or your PAA chapter.

A PAA affiliate is an existing local or statewide education advocacy group that shares our overall goals and wants to join in to promote the mission and goals of PAA in your area (i.e. Chicago’s affiliates PURE and 19th Ward Parents).

Our membership guidelines ask for annual dues of $25 per group, a brief annual activity report, and other minimal participation detailed here.

Please review our statement, “What We Believe.” If you agree, and want to join in our efforts, please fill in and submit the form below. Thank you!