Join PAA webinar: Holding charter schools accountable

Join PAA’s Dora Taylor and Steve Norton with Kyle Serrette of the Center for Popular Democracy in our May 5 webinar on charter school accountability

Did you know that President Obama has asked for an extra $120 million for charter schools in his FY16 budget? The increase would bring the total amount of federal funds for charter schools to $375 million, a 48 percent increase over last year.

Overall, Congress has spent $3,352,841,281 to create and expand charter schools.

Yet a new report by the Center for Popular Democracy and the Alliance to Reclaim our Schools just documented over $200 million in charter school waste and fraud:

Who is watching the charter schools???

PAA is pleased to join with the Center for Popular Democracy in a webinar, Holding Charter Schools Accountable, which will cover the many problems with poor charter school oversight which wastes millions of dollars every year. Lawmakers ignore this growing scandal as they continue to push for rapid charter school expansion.

Parents need to learn the facts about charter school waste, confront your representatives, and push for common-sense reforms.

Join PAA and CPD policy experts in a webinar to learn about the results and the policy implications of the findings.

When: Tuesday, May 5, 8 pm ET, 5 pm PT
Where: Sign up here.

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