The Invasion of the Body Snatchers: STAND-ing in as IPS parents

What do you think about this cautionary tale from John Harris Loflin, leader of PAA affiliate Parent Power in Indianapolis???

It was Monday morning. I reached down and got the Indy Star off the porch. I said “Good morning” and she returned the greeting. I have known Sue for over 15 years as a neighbor and now as a fellow parent. She and DeAndre have 2 boys, and my wife Molly and I also have a son.

As I went back to the house, I couldn’t get rid of the nagging thought that Sue has been “different” lately. She talks the same, walks the same, looks the same, smiles and laughs as usual, but there is something different about her

I just can’t put my finger on. I erased these thoughts from my mind. I didn’t want to be late for work.

The next morning I was taking out the trash and I noticed Sue taking her sons to school as usual…as usual except

for now she’s been wearing a nice light blue T-shirt with “STAND for Children” on it. I had seen her wearing it on TV at an Indianapolis Public Schools school board meeting on Ch 16 or 17. I forget which. I like to watch the meetings. She was there with some other parents–and even some IPS students –who had on the same kind of

nice blue T-shirt.

Curious, I decided to go see Sue. It was around 7:00 in the evening. She was not there, but I asked “Dre”about the nice blue T-shirt. He said Sue had been contacted by a STAND parent recruiter who explained the organization could get her involved in her children’s education. Last month, Sue decided to join STAND. She now supports IPS Innovation and Autonomous Schools.

Saying Sue’s support would actually help dismantle IPS, I tried to explain how some US jails are privatized, owned by for-profit corporations. Indy’s parking meters are now privatized. The IPS board wants its schools run like businesses. It wants to privatize–replacing regular schools where parents can hold our public IPS board responsible with schools they can’t because these schools have their own private boards. The teachers hired by some of these schools will not be able to bargain for rights or better wages. In fact, I said she would probably be lobbying for these IPS plans at the IPS board meetings or even at the state legislature. Dre said Sue would be supporting the four STAND-endorsed IPS school board candidates on November 8. I wanted to learn more, but I had to go.

Sometimes my boss lets our team go home early on Wednesdays, so I had some extra time on my hands. I decided to get the leaf rakes out of the shed. As I opened the 6 foot long wooden tool box I made this summer,

to my horror was a large green pod, a vegetable looking “something” that appeared to be between a long pea pod and an huge unshucked ear of corn. I apologize, but this is the best way I can explain it. With wide open eyes and mouth, and shaking hands, I was compelled to open it. An unearthly smell arose. Beneath the layers of green lay my wife Molly surrounded by what looked like soap suds. I brushed the bubbles aside and there it was — a perfect duplicate of her in her favorite summer skirt and dress shoes…and, of all things, a blue STAND for Children T-shirt!

For the longest time I could not move. Maybe I was frozen still for 30 minutes. I don’t know. My mind was racing as I imagined what I was going to do.

Two days later, I was at the kitchen table having my morning coffee. Molly came out of the bathroom in the nice blue T-shirt. I was astounded. I know she noticed. She smiled, gave me a kiss, and left for work. I panicked. I ran to the shed, opened the tool box…and yes, the green pod was empty.

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