EdTech: New Heart Assoc. report on dangers of prolonged sitting

computer-classcsliderA new report by the American Heart Association reinforces PAA’s concerns that the push for digital learning, which we call EdTech, may result in serious physical health problems due to, among other things, an increase in seat time.

Researchers for the AHA reached their findings after conducting a review of the current evidence on sedentary behavior….Based on current evidence, (the researchers) found that spending too much time sitting may raise the risk of impaired insulin sensitivity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause death. What is more, the review revealed that these risks are not reduced by moderate to vigorous physical activity, suggesting that prolonged sitting is harmful to health, regardless of how much one exercises.

In challenging EdTech, PAA recommends that schools make sure there are regular opportunities throughout the day (at least every hour) for movement, recess, gym, or other physical activity, and consider standing desks for all students.

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