EdSpeak and Doubletalk: A Glossary to Decipher Hypocrisy and Save Public Schooling

Education historian, professor, author, and founder of the Network for Public Education, Diane Ravitch, and education blogger, author, and retired educator, Nancy Bailey, co-authored a new book: “EdSpeak and Doubletalk: A Glossary to Decipher Hypocrisy and Save Public Schooling”. They kindly included Parents Across America in the chapter titled, ‘Groups Fighting Education Reform’.

“Parents Across America (PAA): A nonpartisan, nonprofit grassroots organization connecting U.S. parents and activists with workable ideas for improving public schools. Some of their issues are pushing back on increased school privatization, school closings, and high stakes testing. They advocate child-centered curriculum, adequate social services, reducing class size, and parental voice.” ~EdSpeak and Doubletalk by Diane Ravitch and Nancy Bailey

PAA board member, Laura Bowman, was given the opportunity (really, the honor) of previewing the book before it was published and gave it a glowing review:

EdSpeak and Doubletalk is so much more than a glossary of education terms. Diane Ravitch and Nancy Bailey masterfully unveil the deception, duplicity, schemes, and profit motives behind the moneyed interests that strive to control education policies and privatize public education for profit.” ~Laura Bowmanboard of directors, Parents Across America

Others who’ve read the book have this to say about it:

“This glossary provides excellent and accurate definitions of the educational terms common to our times. Novice educators, school board members, and parents of school-age children can all use this book to decode the specialized vocabulary of this profession. In addition, the authors are unapologetically strong believers in our public schools, and it shows, making this book much more valuable. This is a glossary with an attitude, and because of that, I endorse it even more strongly.” ~David C. Berliner, Regents’ Professor of Education Emeritus, Arizona State University

“A lively review of terminology, with surprisingly deep definitions that help us understand the fast-changing landscape of our schools and those working for and against them.” ~Anthony Codyeducator, author, and cofounder of Network for Public Education

“Explanations are short, clear, and to the point, which is half the battle, since eduspeak relies on a cloud of smoke and fuzz to obscure what’s really going on. Well, Bailey and Ravitch know what’s really going on in debates that have become “highly politicized.” This book will be useful to the general reader, but I’d recommend it for every teacher. Keep a copy in your desk drawer and every time a communique comes across your desk that makes you think, “What the heck is this? Who are these people anyway, and what the heck are they talking about?” just pull out your copy and start translating.” ~Peter Greene, retired educator, author, education blogger

You may order a copy here or ask your local bookseller to order one for you. Many thanks to Diane Ravitch and Nancy Bailey for writing this extraordinarily helpful and comprehensive book. It’s a must-read and an incredibly valuable resource to use in the fight to protect our children and their public schools from the education privatizers and profiteers.

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