Connecting the dots at NPE

Great group at PAA’s NPE workshop

The following slide presentation was made on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017, at the Network for Public Education conference in Oakland, CA:

Real parent choice – real parent voice: How Parents Across America connects the dots – and parents — to fight corporate reform

While public school parents/families bear the brunt of corporate education reform, our voices are too often drowned out by well-funded astroturf groups and politicians’ pandering to their donors’ pet causes. This session will demonstrate how Parents Across America (PAA) helps connect, equip and empower parents to more effectively address the national privatization agenda as well as their local struggles, producing a stronger national voice of progressive parents to counter the false narratives about parent “choice.” By sharing stories and strategies, we hope to encourage parents and others to keep fighting, and to model the ways we learn from each other and are able to put that knowledge to work.

Our panel included moderator Dora Taylor (PAA-Puget Sound), Mary Battenfeld (QUEST- Boston), PAA Board of Directors member Zerlina Smith (PAA-Chicago), and Khem Irby, PAA president and founder of PAA-Greensboro (NC) and The Mothers’ Agenda (NYC)

We also broke into groups for discussion led by our panelists and PAA leaders Deb Mayer (PAA-Oregon), Steven Norton (Michigan Parents for Schools) and Julie Woestehoff (PAA interim executive director).

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