Chicago charter-funding group will pay to improve failing charters

To every thing, turn, turn, turn…

Catalyst Notebook reports that the Renaissance Schools Fund – which is about to “turnaround” its brand name and call itself “New Schools for Chicago” — is going to budget a few million to “restructure at least a handful of low-achieving charters.”

Does that mean it’s time to reform “education reform”?

Wait – now, which is the status quo??

It’s so confusing.

But, don’t worry. Catalyst also reports that the New Schools for Chicago folks are going to explain it all to us with a public relations campaign to counter the bad vibes about charters that they attribute to the Chicago Teachers’ Union, that “us vs them” attitude that they claim the CTU has about charters.

I guess I didn’t realize that the CTU was behind the Stanford study that found that only 17% of all charter schools were performing up to par with regular neighborhood schools. Or the actual data in CPS charter school annual reports that shows that CPS charters serve fewer special education and limited-English speaking students (like this one from 2008-09 – last year’s report had no charter composite figures at all). Or those reports about charters pushing students out.

Those sneaky teachers. They’re just out there molding minds. Beware…

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