Check out new reports to see if your state is considering ALEC bills!

A lot of attention has been given lately to ALEC –the American Legislative Exchange Council, the secretive, right-wing group that produces and disseminates legislation in state houses throughout the nation.

PAA wrote about ALEC more than a year ago, in March 2011, after being alerted by our eagle-eyed parent advocate/ legislative expert, Karen Miller of Texas.

A few months later, a website called ALEC Exposed posted a massive number of leaked documents, showing the influence and reach of ALEC throughout the nation.  Now, after public pressure from several national groups, a number of large corporations have agreed to immediately stop funding ALEC.  The Gates Foundation, on the other hand, says they will not stop funding ALEC immediately, but will refrain from renewing their 17 month grant to the organization when it is over.  [Read the Foundation’s weak-kneed rationale here; and leave a comment!]

Here is a list of all the pro-privatization, anti-public education bills being promulgated by ALEC,  including the so-called Parent Trigger, expansion of charter schools and vouchers, the linking of teacher evaluation and job security to test scores, and  online learning.

Below are links to reports showing in which states ALEC legislation has been introduced and/or approved, and which legislators are involved in the organization.  Check back here again, as we receive updates and reports on more states.

Credit goes to the Center for Media & Democracy, Common Cause, People for the American Way, and Progress Now, among others, for researching and writing these reports.

Arizona (PFAW/CC)

Arizona – supplemental (CMD/PFAW/CC/Progress Now)

Maine (Maine’s Majority Education Fund)

Minnesota (Common Cause)

Missouri (Progress Missouri)

New Hampshire (Granite State Progress)

New Jersey (New Jersey Star-Ledger)

Ohio (CMD/PFAW/CC/Progress Ohio)

Pennsylvania (Keystone Progress)

Texas (Progress TX)

Virginia (Progress VA)

Wisconsin (CMD)

State Bill Comparisons

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