Charter school debate with PAA affiliate HispanEduca’s Lourdes Perez!

New affiliate member Lourdes Perez, leader of PAA Florida-based affiliate HispanEduca, shared the transcript of an Education Week webinar she recently participated in on the topic of facilities funding for charter schools.

The discussion was apparently supposed to center on ways charter schools can access more capital funding (it was subtitled: “The Pursuit for Equity”…) but as you read the transcript, you will see that the participants, lead by our own Lourdes, took the discussion in a far more critical direction, causing moderators to threaten to stop the online Q and A!

Here’s a sample of the dialogue:

Lourdes Perez: Look at KIPP. They get the $ from the government to serve “economically-challenged” or “at risk” communities, but when they weed out students who are not performing (and therefore “impact their statistics”), they send those children back to public schools but don’t return the money. What a great business deal!

Linda Cannady-Balom: And it’s about losing local control

Melissa Westbrook: KIPP gets those good numbers from their attrition. They do reach many at-risk kids but get rid of the ones they don’t want to serve.

Lourdes Perez: Joshua, you are so right about the testing industry. I used to work for ACT, which far from a “not-for-profit” is a money-making machine with their “suite” of tests.

Joshua Jordan: Right…so does that seem like the purpose of education for the people?

Lourdes Perez: Spot-on, Melissa!

Joshua Jordan: Seems to me that education is supposed to adequately prepare everyone for democratic participation in a social and digital world…how does having a fancy building improve my ability to navigate this digital environment?

Lourdes Perez: The student population that the organization I preside represent, Hispanics, are not necessarily doing better in charter schools.

Joshua Jordan: Neither do any minorities.


Read the full transcript here.



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