In solidarity with the students: parents say, “Time’s up”Wal*Mart “wins” PAA’s first Bad Apple awardOur voices….our t-shirt….Read PAA’s 2017 survey report: “Real Parent Voice – Real Parent Choice”Handy parent resource list on current issuesArchive of PAA newsletters from September 2016Is there a PAA chapter or affiliate in your state?JOIN US! Here’s how to start a PAA chapter!
In solidarity with the students: parents say, “Time’s up”
Wal*Mart “wins” PAA’s first Bad Apple award
Our voices….our t-shirt….
Read PAA’s 2017 survey report: “Real Parent Voice – Real Parent Choice”
Handy parent resource list on current issues
Archive of PAA newsletters from September 2016
Is there a PAA chapter or affiliate in your state?
JOIN US! Here’s how to start a PAA chapter!


Part 3: High Stakes Testing and Opting Out: The Variables

Posted on by Dora Taylor

The Variables High stakes testing has ramifications including ending careers and affecting communities by closing schools. Hence, we need to look carefully at the variables that might affect a student’s performance on a test. Teachers and principals do not work in a vacuum. They have students with lives outside school. Students live in a real world. The real world affects how they behave and their ability to focus in class. These factors include: English being a second language The physical …

The Weekly Update: Milken is ready to milk us in WA State, Louisiana wants to test the toddlers, some awesome school teachers and much, much more

Posted on by Dora Taylor

The Weekly Update for the news and views you might have missed. Bill Gates and the Waltons have had their way with Washington State. With ads running continuously on TV channels for the last three weeks up to November 6th, Bill Gates and the Waltons finally got their way with us….unless there is a legal challenge regarding the state’s constitutional demand for oversight by OSPI. Stay tuned. The passage of I 1240 due to the financial backing of Stand for …

Stand for Children says Chicago LSCs make parent trigger unnecessary

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

I was proud to share the Local School Council model with my co-founders at Parents Across America, and delighted when PAA adopted it as our alternative to the “parent trigger” school privatization mechanism. Unlike charter or private turnaround companies, LSCs have a significant track record of improving schools over time without any extra resources beyond the collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, administrators and community members. Now, to my astonishment, organizers for such pro-privatization groups like Stand for Children and New …

Part 1 : High Stakes Testing and Opting Out: A Short History

Posted on by Dora Taylor

  High Stakes Testing: A Short History “…I discovered then, in my early teaching career, that learning is best driven by ideas, challenges, experiences, and activities that engage students. My experience over the past 45 years has confirmed this. We have come far from that time in the ’60s. Now the mantra is high expectations and high standards. Yet, with all that zeal to produce measurable learning outcomes we have lost sight of the essential motivations to learn that moved …

PAA’s 2012 Election Roundup

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

2012 Election roundup! Here’s a review of how education issues fared, from our members across the country. Some good news, some not so good, in no particular order. What happened in your neck of the woods? Disclaimer: As a not-for-profit organization, PAA does not endorse candidates; any opinions on specific races in the reports below are those of individual members only.    From Wendy Lecker of Connecticut: The big news in Connecticut is the defeat of the charter revision in …

19th Ward Parents leader on chaos in Chicago Public Schools

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

Malone: Privatization plague threatens Chicago Public Schools By Becky Malone Guest Commentary October 26, 2012 (originally published in Daily Southtown newspaper) There is a plague spreading through the Chicago Public Schools. It has left in its wake a score of school closures and school turnarounds, an unfunded longer school day lacking adequate resources to support high-quality education and the first teachers strike in a quarter century — a bitter fight to ensure fair compensation, basic learning materials and adequate staffing …

Join the Campaign for our Schools: Write a letter to President Obama

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

Diane Ravitch has issued a call for all of us – parents, teachers, students, administrators, and citizens who care about education, to write letters to our elected representatives, starting with the White House. The deadline to have your letter included is October 17. Write from your heart about your hopes and concerns about education in America. Write about what you see happening in your school. Let President Obama know what you think, before this historic election on November 6. You …

Diane R. goes to Texas

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

From PAA founding member Karen Miller: When I found out Diane was speaking at the school board/administrators convention, I asked her if she’d extend her stay and she agreed to remain an extra day.  Lorie (Barzano, of PAA affiliate Coalition-SAUS) did a fantastic job with local arrangements, including a parent/teacher/community meeting at a high school in a low income area subject to takeover.  I’ll let her describe that wonderful event (see below). We worked closely with the school board/administrators associations …

Will the real parents please stand up?

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

The following article by Chicago public school parent Wendy Kattan was originally published in Catalyst Magazine. Parents don’t want a “war.” They want a district that’s looking out for all children, that is capable of collaboration and able to hear the views and voices of real parents in the system. By: Wendy Katten / October 1, 2012 Now that the strike is over and parents, students and teachers are finally settling into the routine of the school year, many parents …

Broadie Tata fired by Wake County school board

Posted on by pagrundy

By Jason Langberg On Tuesday, the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) Board of Education (BOE) fired Superintendent Anthony Tata, a Broad Superintendents Academy graduate.  The firing of a local school superintendent wouldn’t usually be major national news, but in this instance, it is.  It proves that at least some school systems will still resist significant influence by big money and market-based deformers when it is in the best interests of families, teachers and the community. Here is a timeline …