Get inspired by Helen Gym…PAA Week Day 3Read PAA’s 2017 survey report: “Real Parent Voice – Real Parent Choice”Follow-up resource list for parent survey participantsArchive of PAA newsletters from September 2016Is there a PAA chapter or affiliate in your state?JOIN US! Here’s how to start a PAA chapter!
Get inspired by Helen Gym…PAA Week Day 3
Read PAA’s 2017 survey report: “Real Parent Voice – Real Parent Choice”
Follow-up resource list for parent survey participants
Archive of PAA newsletters from September 2016
Is there a PAA chapter or affiliate in your state?
JOIN US! Here’s how to start a PAA chapter!


Action of the week for 12-20-12: Welcome your new Senators and Congressmen

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

Send a welcome letter to your new Senators and Congressmen! You can use this letter which we just e-mailed to Senators-elect Chris Murphy (D-CT), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)  and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) who will be new members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee. We will send similar letters to other new members as well as any new members of the House Education and the Workforce committee, as we learn of their appointments. December 20, 2012 Dear Senator-elect: Congratulations …

A Connecticut parent’s letter to President Obama

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

Parents Across America grieves with the community of Newtown, Connecticut over the loss of their precious children and educators. The following letter, sent yesterday to President Obama from the founder of Parents Across America-CT, expresses some aspects of what many of our members are feeling at this difficult time. Hon. President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear President Obama: As a public school parent of three in Stamford, Connecticut, I wanted to thank …

A teacher talks to children about Sandy Hook tragedy

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

We share this San Francisco Chronicle story about how teacher Steve Rubenstein, the husband of PAA founding member Caroline Grannan, talked to his students about the Sandy Hook school tragedy: Back at Buena Vista Horace Mann in San Francisco’s Mission District, another teacher, Steve Rubenstein, learned of the tragedy by phone as he and his sixth-graders trooped back to class after seeing a play. A former newspaper reporter, Rubenstein felt it was important for the students to know. He teed it …

Update on Adelanto Parent Trigger status

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

Two parent triggers have been deployed in California, total, and there have been no other parent triggers anywhere. Here’s what’s happened in those two cases: McKinley Elementary, Compton, CA Parent Revolution orchestrated this one entirely without the involvement of the parent community. After the petitions were delivered, many parents protested and said they did not want the school to become a charter. Many said they had been told the petitions were to beautify or improve the school. Parent Revolution had …

PAA-Washington letter on new charter school law

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

Dec. 5, 2012 To Superintendent Dorn: Parents Across America of Washington State, the local chapters of the national organization dedicated to the preservation of public education, has concluded that Initiative 1240 is in violation of the Washington State Constitution on multiple counts. We therefore urge the Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to pursue a legal challenge to I-1240, based on the following grounds: 1.      I-1240 would establish a charter school commission comprised of politically appointed members with …

Speak out about the school-to-prison pipeline

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

Yesterday, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin convened a hearing on the “school-to-prison pipeline,” a way of describing the way some school policies and practices may simply push students – particularly low-income students and students of color – out of school and into jail. Zero tolerance policies, school closings, high-stakes testing, and other factors contribute to this devastating situation. This was an unprecedented hearing, and, unlike the panels of corporate reformers we more often see gathered to share their positions, this time …

Welcome new Michigan chapter!

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

Welcome new chapter in Utica, MI   We are excited to have a new chapter in Utica, Michigan, called Parents Across Utica Community Schools. They reached out to PAA for help with their Broad superintendent and a Board President who also runs a “virtual learning academy.” They are asking for our help – please “like” the Parents Across Utica Community Schools Facebook page and follow them for updates and action alerts. Their story, which follows, can be found in somewhat …

Welcome new Atlanta chapter!

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

Welcome new chapter, PAA-Atlanta/GA/Atlanta Public Schools! We’re delighted to welcome another new chapter, this one in Atlanta. Founder Kimberly Brooks is a former PTA president who is studying for her masters degree. Parents in Atlanta are discouraged by the well-known test cheating scandal and recent passage of charter school expansion laws in the state. They feel their voices are not being heard. Kimberly brings a lot of enthusiasm to our national network! You can contact her at Welcome, Kimberly …

Support PAA!

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

SUPPORT PAA!  Please use our Donate button to help us continue our important work supporting public school parents and children.  Here are some effects of PAA’s parent power in 2012: PAA challenged parent trigger legislation and won (so far!) in Florida and across the nation. We preempted efforts to use the “Won’t Back Down” movie to push parent trigger laws; the movie was roundly panned as propaganda by film critics and ticket sales were dismal. We co-wrote and promoted a …

Introducing the Edu$hyters of the week and they all hail from the great state of Michigan

Posted on by DoraTaylor

The Edu$hyster ring in Michigan Utica Community Schools, as the second largest district in Michigan, has always been a leader in education.  Students have always had a high rate of success.  In comparison to districts across the nation, Utica has always been financially healthy.  Utica has been a wealth of potential for multiple facets of education, art and culture and many of those programs have been decimated to cater to the special interest of profiteers and politicians.   Carol Klenow, …