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New TX Re-districting Map Splits Austin School District in Half

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Lorie Barzano, Co-Chair, CoalitionSAUS (Strengthen Austin Urban Schools), PAA affiliate and parent led group representing 20 public school campuses in Austin’s urban core, which has a vision of quality, accessible public education for all. According to the most recent US Census, Texas again gained population during the past ten years. That means TX legislators have re-drawn electoral district maps for the second time since the start of the 21st century. Imagine a good old fashioned land grab in Texas! Needless …

Texas Lives Up to Its Moniker as Lone STAAR State

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Rochester and Denver teachers discuss working with community

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I hosted a phone conference today (link to the playback is here) with members of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association and members of the Rochester (NY) Teachers Association, who told the Denver contingent about how they created bonds with parents and community to successfully defeat an initiative launched for mayoral control of the Rochester City Schools district.  They kept their coalition alive and strong, fortunately, because now they’re working with community as the Community Education Task Force, under the umbrella …