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What's up with Chicago teachers and the "Performance Counts" bill?

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by Julie Woestehoff Yesterday at a Chicago Teachers Union House of Delegates meeting, the membership voted to rescind their leaders’ endorsement of Senate Bill 7 and fight it instead. What’s going on here? First, let’s take a couple of steps back. In mid-December of last year, several business-backed “education reform” groups tried to push through a piece of teacher-bashing legislation called “Performance Counts” during the Christmas and New Year holidays. They must have expected that teachers would be caught flat-footed …

Chicago charter-funding group will pay to improve failing charters

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To every thing, turn, turn, turn… Catalyst Notebook reports that the Renaissance Schools Fund – which is about to “turnaround” its brand name and call itself “New Schools for Chicago” — is going to budget a few million to “restructure at least a handful of low-achieving charters.” Does that mean it’s time to reform “education reform”? Wait – now, which is the status quo?? It’s so confusing. But, don’t worry. Catalyst also reports that the New Schools for Chicago folks …

PAA press release on new ESEA position paper

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It’s time for lawmakers to listen to parents! National parent group reaches out to Congress on ESEA, demanding less testing and privatization and more proven, effective reforms As Congress considers the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA, aka No Child Left Behind), Parents Across America, a national network of public school parents, will be calling on our U. S. Senators and Congressmen this week to share our concerns about the direction of federal education policy, and offer …

Obama, Duncan want better tests? We need better answers first.

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By Julie Woestehoff, published 4–14-11 on Huffington Post: A few days ago at a student forum, a young woman asked President Obama, “Could you reduce the amount of tests?” The President didn’t say yes. What he did say is that “we have piled on a lot of standardized tests on our kids.” He asserted that such tests should be given only “occasionally” as at his daughters’ private school, and even then the tests shouldn’t have high-stakes attached. “Too often,” he …

More evidence of charter push-outs

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By Julie Woestehoff – Don’t miss this great article by the Chicago Reader’s Ben Joravsky, which details the ridiculous inequality between Pritzker College Prep charter high school and nearby Kelvyn Park HS, a regular Chicago Public high school. Here’s how it opens: On February 16, the Union League Club gave out its Democracy in Action award to deserving local high school students, and Mayor Daley was on hand to give a rousing speech—calling on regular public schools to make like …

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