Ask Congress to reform NCLB now!

The US Congress is considering how to revise No Child Left Behind, the Bush-era version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the most important federal law that governs our public schools.  NCLB has been extremely damaging in the eyes of most parents, and needs fundamental reform.  Unfortunately, the Obama administration plans to make it worse in many respects.

Parents Across America has developed our own blueprint, based upon less testing and privatization, more parent input, and a greater emphasis on evidenced-based reforms that have been proven to work to improve schools, such as class size reduction.  Our complete blueprint was featured on the Washington Post Answer Sheet, and is posted on our PAA website as a pdf here.

Please sign our petition in support of our proposals, and send a message to the President and the US Congress now!

Our blueprint includes the following reforms:

* Improving schools by means of evidence-based solutions backed by parents and other stakeholders, including class size reduction and more parent involvement in decision-making.
* Fewer standardized tests, elimination of high-stakes exams, and the right of parents to have their children opt out of these exams.
* Sufficient and equitable resources in all public schools, so that every child has the chance to receive a high-quality education.

We oppose:

* Vouchers, charter takeovers and other forms of school privatization that take resources from the schools attended by most students and put them into private hands, with little oversight.
* Policies that expand the use of testing in our schools, or use test scores to punish schools, teachers or students.
* Closing schools as an “improvement” strategy.
* Forcing states or districts to compete for federal funds. A quality education should be a right, not a race.

Please send a message to Obama, and to Congress, in support of the  Parents Across America blueprint for reform by signing our petition.

Then follow up with a visit or a phone call to their offices.  The bullet points above could be your talking points.

For their contact information,  go to

And  join us, as we fight for better schools!

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