Action (2) of the week for 3-5-15

ACTION 2:  Listen to and share our great webinar!

If you weren’t able to listen in on our webinar last Monday, you can catch up here, and share the link with your networks.

If you were there, you might want to get a second look at the data and other resources we provided.

We want to thank Dr. P.L. Thomas, who has become something of a mentor to PAA, for his significant role in the webinar. Also contributing were PAA leaders Nate Harris, who moderated the webinar, and Lourdes Perez, Dora Taylor and Julie Woestehoff, who added their thoughts and information to the discussion – thank you!

Our web site blog post about the webinar includes a list of further reading mentioned during the session.

Next up, we’ll be expanding on the same topic of the Impact of Poverty, Race, and Cultural Bias on Educational Opportunity, at a workshop at the NPE conference in Chicago April 24-26. Details soon!

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